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Membership to the association

The membership to the association (€20) is valid a year from 1st of January to 31st of December. Membership is mandatory to access the activities of the association (argentine tango classes, workshop, initiation, festival).

This membership allows you to regularly receive a mailing informing you all our activities, as well as of activities led in partnership with others organizers.

To become a member, please provide us with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail along with send a cheque of €20 to the order of the association (foreigners, send a postal order)
This membership gives you reductions in many argentine tango events (shows, concerts, festivals…).

Reductions are equally granted on presentation of the card in different dance shops (shoes,etc…).

Tango shoes shop (10% reduction)

Lysandre 46 rue de la Voute Paris 75012 tél 0143430473
Repetto 22 rue de la Paix Paris 75002 tél 0144718312
Magdanse 8 rue F. Flocon Paris 75018 tél 0153280138
Flashdance 17 rue de la Pépinière Paris 75008 tél 0142930571