19th New year's Eve, in Britanny

from Wednesday evening December 25th to January 1st, 2015

Manoir de Kerallic - Route de la Corniche Kerallic
22310 Plestin les Grèves
tél : 02 96 35 61 49

Train Paris-Morlaix AR

Going there : departure from Paris, Montparnasse station on 25/12 at 18h08, arrival in Morlaix at 21h54
Le transfert bus departure to Kerallic, when everybody is installed. A dinner will be served to those who will arrive in this bus.
Return : on 1st of january, the transfert bus departure from Kerallic near 13h to take the train to Paris from Morlaix at 14h15, arrival in Paris Montparnasse at 18h24.

No other transfert bus is previewed. And there is no other possibility to go from Morlaix to Kerallic, so people who take another train will be obliged to take a taxi or a friend's car.

Exhibitors on the festival :

  • Creations Bernie H
    from 26th to 30th of december
  • Musicargentina
    from 26th to 28th of december
  • La Boutique Tanguera
    from 27th to 30th of december
  • Philippe L'HOSTIS Tango Shoes
    from 26th to 30th of december
  • Zina Massage : 06 95 54 15 80
    Chinese and Thaï traditional massage

12 courses of 6 daily classes on the same subject with the maestros :

  • Ball every night with exhibition

  • Duo Tango Sonos, Antonio et Nicola Ippolito, 27th and 28th of december

  • New year's eve party

Old brochures can be found in history.