About us

Created in 1994, "Le Temps du Tango" is a cultural association, labelled by the state for providing popular education.
Its mission is to make argentine tango known to the general public, in all its forms (dance, music, literature, plastic arts).

More than 6000 tango enthusiasts joined the association since its creation (1000 present members), coming from France and from around 20 countries : Germany, Great Britain, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Danemark, Spain, USA, Eire, Israel, Italia, Japan, Norway, New-Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey ...

The team is dynamic, skilled and motivated, and composed today of ten volunteers in charge, coming from various horizons (industry, teaching, health, banking, arts, ...) and of around 15 occasional volunteers.

The activities of the association are open to all public : dance classes, workshops, practices, balls, concerts, conferences, artistic and cultural events. We also publish a bi-monthly magazine (La Salida).

In short, argentine tango from head to foot. Join us!

Luis Blanco




Marc Pianko

Président d'honneur

Catherine Charmont


Dominique Fauque


Andréa Le Naour


Francia Garcia Ficheux


Francine Piget


Evelyne Vargoz


François Fauque


Michel Vargoz


Pierre Lehagre


Jean-Guy Derivry


conseil d'administration