Information published in the Agenda is free of charge. Dead-line for reception is the 10th of the month before publication.
All information will be published, concerning :
- workshops, shows, balls, concerts, festivals, meetings, radio broadcasts, painting exhibits and films on the subject of ARGENTINIAN TANGO only,
- taking place in FRANCE only.

In order to make the updating more efficient and limit mistakes or missing details, please use the model below, which you can also find in LA SALIDA. The first line should state (in order) : day, date, month, city, county; and the second line : theme, hour, performers, entrance cover.

For example:
Jeudi 21 juin - Paris (75)
Pratique de la Sourdière de 17h à 19h45, 23 rue de la Sourdière, 4€
01 43 54 18 14

Info can be sent by e-mail to contact La Salida